Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Time for some news

Some time has passed since my last posting. That means much to do and little time to BLOG updating. Meanwhile, however, the sunflowers have grown taller and the strawberry plants have given us some strawberries, even if not as much as we would have expected. The work to keep tSkogsveien 30 nice, tidy and cozy continues, both outside and inside. This time with Jorunn's magic hands in control. Whereever she touches, you bet something nice pops up! Check below the new look inside the cottage (still "under construction" though. More novelties to come soon!).

Chris and Julia picking up strawberries

Not much of a crop, is it? :) But more is coming!

Julia with a "Solbær" frm the tree behing her

New curtains and new table and chairs